Pictures of button trees


My button tree.

Great thing about this cute craft is that it is really kid friendly.  My boys  and my neice (all 7 and under) made two each.  If they are old enough to respect a straight pin, then it will likely work out. 🙂

Here’s the ones from the kids:


They look extra cute with a candle stand under them too.  As you can see here:


My oldest son was too funny while we were making these…he kept saying “Wow…this is so much fun…I have only poked my finger 20 times…this is great!”  Cracked me up.  Gotta respect that straight pin!


4 Responses to “Pictures of button trees”

  1. I LOVE these!!
    They turned out soooo cute. I think we might have to try these.
    Those boys of yours ROCK!!!! 😉

  2. I was wondering what all the little white dots were, but then read the straight pin part! Very cute, will have to try it out (especially since you said your boys did it, my boys won’t think it’s too girly of a project if I can tell them I know other boys who did it!!)

  3. Holly, these are so cute — I think I’ll take some buttons, straight pins, and a base to work so that “visitors” can work on it while they are in the office! I loved the pictures of Caroline, Wes and Luke working on their tree.

  4. How stinkin cute is the bird on top??!! LOVE it!!

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