Working on projects today

Saturdays are fun because I don’t have to go anywhere…liking that today!

The boys and I worked on some decorations for their tree. 

These were made from old pie tins and clear containers…using cookie cutters to get a shape and just giving them sticker gems and glitter glue to add to them.  We will see how they do after they dry.  The glitter glue may just come right off…and if so…they were fun to play with.


The boys started doing their paper chains for their tree.


They grew tired of the making the paper chain so we went on to the advent project.  Love this project but have been putting it off since I needed a big block of time to do it.  Well…here is what it looks like when a 4 year old helps:


I have friends that are terrified by such things…children with acrylic paint…YIKES!  I have to say…it was easy to help the boys “even out” their paint after they thought they were done with a box and move on.  Besides, it really takes more than one coat of paint. 

Here is what it is looking like:


And since today is the first day of December…it is about time, don’t ya think?


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