Some neat sites

Martha Stewart’s site is neat and the craft section is a real treat.  Check it out sometime.

Considering my recent button fascination…I might be trying these

with the boys today.  As we have a day home…both boys are home with pink eye.  So a day at home with 2 boys that feel pretty good.  🙂  Much better than a sick day at home with 2 boys that don’t feel too hot. 

Martha’s site is also where the advent box idea came from, as you can see here.  I am mounting my boxes to a cork board and it will be up on the wall soon at at the point I will post a pic of it.

 The boys have loved finding surprises in their boxes so far as they count down to Jesus’s birthday.

Cute birthday t-shirts I got for my boys, nephew and niece.  My oldest will wear his at his birthday party later this week.  Girls and boys.  A bit spendy but fun and they loved them so much I plan on making them myself next year.  Considered thisone for soon to be niece…but considering how fast babies grow and that it is a onsie I might be making a similar one for Miss December ;).  For some reason those links aren’t working.  So here are some pics:

short-sleeve miss month onesielong-sleeve number teeslong-sleeve rhinestone number tee

Better get after our day…the boys are getting buggy.


2 Responses to “Some neat sites”

  1. Jen Hoover Says:

    Hi Holly!! I didn’t realize you had a blog – and it’s uplifting 😉

    I LOVE the links you have of the button’y crafts -I think I’m going to have to raid my mil’s button collection 😉

  2. The button figures are so cute.. love them.. have u tried them out??

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