More ornament ideas along with great shoes

A sweet friend of mine, asked if i saw the button wreaths ornaments on Martha’s website.  I had not and was so glad she sent me a link…here they are:


Very cute.  I gotta try these. 

Haven’t made any button ornaments at all.  Yesterday ended up being taken up by lots of little things…that seemed to add up to nothing.  Just one of those days. 

We did get a trip in to the shoe store.  My oldest has been complaining about his foot hurting him.  He has this LONG skinny foot and I had him in cheapy, Velcro shoes from Target or Walmart (can’t remember).  So…I went to a local shoe store (that we are very blessed to have in our little town) and got him properly fitted.  My nearly 6 year old wears a 2.5N.  Makes for long skinny feet…they actually had New Balance kids shoes and even put in some inserts to tailor those to his feet.  New Balance fits my feet really well and have been a lifesaver for me…just didn’t know I could find New Balance kids shoes.   Last year I got this shoe, have worn it out spinning and pretty much wearing it constantly.  A couple weeks ago I happened to be at our great little shoe store helping someone else pick out shoes and decided to ask if they could get it in for me in my weird size.  They could and did.  Feeling spoiled in my cool new shoe.  Great support for my needy feet.   I will be taking my oldest back in for a fitting checkup in 2 weeks to make sure his shoe is taking care of his needy feet too.   Anyway…highly recommended shoes.

Made these

Plastic Beaded Candy Cane Ornament Craft Kit

with my oldest’s Kindergarten class this morning.  My youngest went along to help and ended up being a great help…passing out dixie cups with beads, etc.  He didn’t want to leave when it was time to and got kinda sassy…it was so much easier when he was an easy going baby!  🙂  By the way, the link is to Oriental trading company but I got mine at Hobby Lobby.  Easy enough ornament for a 4 year old and possibly a 3 year old…I will be doing them with my youngest’s preschool class coming up soon.   The Kindergartners were done in NO time at all.  I will be doing beaded cross ornaments with the Kindergarten class next week to give them a little more of a challenge ;).


One Response to “More ornament ideas along with great shoes”

  1. Shelb was SOOOO very excited about making the candy cane ornaments yesterday. Thank you. You are such a blessing to so many people 🙂

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