Teacher gift ideas

So giving some thought about what to do for the boy’s teachers.  Seems like now days teachers are so under appreciated (low pay, very little support and appreciation for a job well done) and it is such a hard job.  You wouldn’t get me to teach a dozen or so 3 and 4 year olds everyday…no way!  I would end up in the loony bin! 

I do appreciate my oldest’s Kindergarten teacher and my youngest’s pre-school teacher.  Each of them is really wonderful and I am not just saying that…they are…we are blessed to have them teaching our boys.  So for Christmas I want to say thank you.

Part of their gift will be gift cards…and the rest of their gift will be whatever fits into what I make ;).  So let’s see…

I did these at the end of school one year.  They were fun…had a gift card in them.  Easy to do…kids can help.   Might do those again…in Christmas colors with cute ribbon they would be cute.

Last Chrismas I did these….


They were fun.  TArget mugs, Truffles from Target, and fancy wrapping ribbon from Target.  It was a complete Target run!  Office Max tags…stamped with images.  Gift cards tucked in.

Any other ideas?


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