For boys!

So I am the mom of 2 boys and have 2 brothers.   I pretty much GET boys and their stuff…well maybe as much as a girl can.  I even watch UFC with my hubby…if you want some real proof!

Anyway…I made this


for one of my nephews who had a birthday recently…filled it with boy treasures.  It was fun…and I hope neither my nephew nor his dad tried to pull the dino off the box.  I would put money that that would not work out too well as I used this glue…ain’t your grandma’s glue (nor glue gun) I assure you. 

Hallmark magazine gave this Treasure chest idea in their latest magazine.  By the way…ever read this magazine?  Has some pretty cute stuff and some good info. 


2 Responses to “For boys!”

  1. […] but I don’t think a 2 year old is going to mind too much :).   Again, as with the dino treasure box that I posted about earlier…I used that great glue.  Loving that stuff…it sets up fast […]

  2. Oh that’s cute. Perfect boy thing. Bet he loved it.

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