Christmas Advent boxes and button ornaments


Finally finished it…I had all but 7 boxes done on the first of December but it took me so long to get the last little bit done.  The boys have been getting little surprises all along but I was excited to get it finished and placed (which is in front of our fireplace).  I got the idea from Ali Edwards blog and she got the idea from Martha’s site.  I decided to buy a big cork board and cover it with pattern paper.   That way I can store it from year to year all put together and won’t leave a bunch of tack marks on my wall…I really don’t think that poster putty will hold those boxes on the wall like Martha (or Martha’s people) assume in their directions. 🙂

Look at this cute button ornament that a friend surprised me with the other day (the picture does not do it justice…turned out just darling). 


And here is the button wreath that I made.  The kids made some too with a mixture of different button sizes and those looked a little different.  Directions are here.


A really creative, crafty friend of mine is coming over to craft tonight…I am excited!


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