Worried about lead in toys?

To be truthful, I haven’t been overly concerned about the new lead in toys bombshell myself.   For my kids…the damage is done, right?  Okay…sarcastic I know but my boys are done chewing on things and they wash their hands often so this information would have been a big deal to me a few years earlier.  (Although I am comforted by the fact that neither of my boys was terribly oral and they didn’t do a lot of putting things in their mouth after the age of 18 months or so…minimizing their exposure some I suppose).

Anyway…this is a neat website that tests toys for lead and 8 other contaminants and gives each toy an overall rating (plus rates them individually for lead, cadmium, chlorine/pvc, arsenic, and mercury). 

Looks to me like those vinyl lunch bags like this one:

Image of product

are not the best thing to send lunches in.  All those contaminants in a container that is used for transporting food just doesn’t seem like the best plan in the world to me…and I will likely be moving on to metal boxes for my boys.  Just a thought.


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