Busy, busy…

Seems like this time of year I a busy no matter what I accomplished early in an effort to get “ahead”.  I keep trying to remind myself…to enjoy.  Enjoy my kids, my hubby, Jesus’s birthday!!, family, friends…slow down and enjoy!

So with that in mind I sit down to share a little and enjoy…

Here is a train treasure box that I made for one of my nephews for his Christmas: 


Yes…those “stripes” are not perfect by anyone’s  imagination but I don’t think a 2 year old is going to mind too much :).   Again, as with the dino treasure box that I posted about earlier…I used that great glue.  Loving that stuff…it sets up fast and has a super bond.  It does have fumes…so gotta be prepared for that.

I have also been making ornaments.  Glass ornaments are from Hobby Lobby.  Rub ons for the letters and flourishes.  Grass is from the Christmas section at Hobby Lobby.




This lady on 2 peas made some really cute ones…I like the use of the beads.  I tried beads but the only beads I had on hand were really tiny…and I saw no reason to make a messy ornament that was constantly loosing small beads. Those large beads are really precious.  However…I vow not to go to Hobby Lobby one more time before Christmas…okay…that is unless I need something really important! 🙂

I will be doing our Gingerbread houses and trains today and tomorrow with the boys. Fun stuff.   Boys are on Christmas break…they are excited to have numerous “mommy days” ahead of them and I am looking forward to it too.  


One Response to “Busy, busy…”

  1. Very cute and so true about slowing down and enjoying the holiday. No more stops at Hobby Lobby, what!?! lol

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