Working on calendars

2007 Scrapbook Calendar Kit - DISCONTINUED

Busy with these calendars from SEI.  I make quite a number of these per year as gifts.  This year I was trying so hard to be ahead of schedule…ordered pictures, had my LSS order the calendars for me in October…I was set.  Waited and waited for my LSS to get them in…finally gave up and ordered a few from an online site a few weeks before Christmas.  I got them in…and haven’t been able to work on them because my neck and shoulders have been so messed up and sitting and working on such things just aggravated it.  I think I am pretty much on the mend now.

Anyway…working on them.  Tonight and tomorrow night we have plans to go out.  They are going to be late, late, late getting to loved ones.


2 Responses to “Working on calendars”

  1. Hope you get to work on these really soon!

  2. Hope you get to work on these soon so you can buy more supplies!

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