Gingerbread trains

Forgot to post these pics on here.  I got everything ready and constructed the gingerbread trains with the kids the Friday before Christmas just in time for my hubby to get home…so I ordered them pizza and left them to decorate them.   I went to do the grocery shopping for Christmas.  Worked out great…the grocery stores (yes…more than one) were not crowded at all and I had no kids with me ;). 

My husband’s mom made Gingerbread houses with them for years and years so my hubby is an old pro. 


Here is my youngest’s train in green…his favorite color of all time (has been his favorite color since he was 2 and for a kid who constantly changes his mind about most things…keeping a favorite color for that long is amazing!).  Loved the snowman.


Here is my oldest’s.  Loved the smokestack…which I just realized I cut off in the pic.  It is still intact so I have to retake that picture! 


Candy unwrapped and organized by my 6 year old.  See the candy bucket sitting on the right?  The rest of our Halloween candy.  So great to get the Halloween candy confiscated and then once they put it on their gingerbread creations, you can’t eat it, right?


2 Responses to “Gingerbread trains”

  1. AWSOME trains!!!! These turned out great!

  2. Yeah, we use old Halloween Candy for our Christmas gingerbread projects, too.

    We also make Halloween Haunted Candy houses, too. (with left over Easter candy…just kidding)

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