So my iPod shuffle has made me look into itunes…never before have I ventured there.   Some great free Podcasts that I never knew existed :

Walk in the world with James McDonald…great Christian speaker (you can search for it on itunes) Listened to him while I worked out and burned off 450 calories last night…gotta love that!

Even have some scrapbooking ones!  SCRAPcast is one I listened to and enjoyed.

And of course I put some music on my iPod…not free but I already had it on my computer so as of yet I haven’t spent any $$ on itunes.  Some City of Angels movie CD music and Newsboys Adoration album.

So what are your favs on itunes?


One Response to “itunes…”

  1. I don’t have an ipod, but we both have mp3 players… I got it last year for Christmas, and have yet to download any podcasts on itunes… I try not to buy my music from there, b/c they have disc rights management which will limit you from putting it on more than 5 items… I tend to burn CD’s a LOT to use during my teaching and therapy stuff, and then I lose it, or scratch it , or toss it, and I want to be able to burn as many as I want! I know that I don’t share it or copy it illegally, and I feel like it’s an artificial limit, so I won’t support them… plus hubby gets a music selling service through his school, and it’s cheaper!

    But I’ll need to check out the podcasts, those sound great!


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