Back from a trip

Went on a trip (my hubby was working hard to fund our trip!)…so just me and my boys to meet their new cousin.  Fun trip…cute new niece and new cousin! 🙂

Anyway…one morning the boys and I took in the Tucson Zoo.  I really enjoy zoos….the biologist in me I guess.  This one was surprisingly very impressive.  I never even knew they had a Zoo in Tucson…so much is made of the Desert Museum there (which I have been to twice and really enjoyed)…so figured their zoo was not going to be too impressive.   It was a perfect size…not too big but just big enough for kids.   It was of course very cool in Tucson being that it is January…so I know that allowed the animals to be a lot more active.  You have too feel a little sorry for the polar bear who is stuck in Tucson, AZ in the summer…don’t you?  However…that polar bear was making the most of a cool January morning :).

Some zoo pics to follow tomorrow…when I get all my pics downloaded and shared.  Friends and family can count on some pics coming their way of via Kodak gallery too!


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