The new “today”

I have enjoy many productions by Rob Bell who has a company called Nooma

As part of our pastor’s sermon today…he showed this video called “Today” by Nooma.  I have been giving some thoughts to the new year…what is in store for me and my family.  What God has in store for us.  So it was very timely for me.

  I really enjoyed the sermon and the video clip (which is longer than you can get for free online but the online version gives you a taste of the topic).  Rob Bell speaks about how Jesus spoke to Mary Magdalene about how she should not hold on to Him (John 20: 17).    Jesus and Mary had lived out great times together…teaching about God and traveling together but that time was over.  God had a plan for her and other things in store for her.  It spoke to me…I so try to hold on to times in the past…times that I remember as fun and wonderful (forgetting all the annoying stuff that went along with it…so funny how we remember things through rose colored glasses).  Life changes…never stays the same.

God has more in store for me too.  A new year awaits…


3 Responses to “The new “today””

  1. BeckyinMich Says:

    Holly that is SO good, it really reflects the way I sometimes feel – like the best times are over. Maybe I should watch it about 20 times in a row to totally get it ingrained in my brain. Thanks so much for sharing it!

  2. o.k…….WOW! All I can say is WOW…I did not read this the first day you posted it…don’t think it would have meant as much as reading it today! God is amazing…His timing is amazing

  3. hollybirdy Says:

    🙂 Becky and Amy,
    Your comments made me smile. I knew the moment our sermon was over I needed to share this clip. God is good!

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