Movie night

So my husband and I got to have a dinner/movie night Thursday night.  We went to see  I am Legend.  A little too intense for this former farm girl but I must say that it really was good…I enjoy Will Smith so that was good because you get a lot of Will. 🙂

In some ways it reminded my husband and I of Cast Away…but it was a lot more intense (and scary!) than Cast Away.  More like Signs in intensity.  It had one more thing in common with Signs, God was actually given credit in the overall solution in both movies and that is something I loved (and it actually made me really glad I stuck out both movies…as they were both so intense I really just wanted to run away! LOL).  Not going to give away any more information about these movies but wanted to mention that I am Legend is worth your time. 


One Response to “Movie night”

  1. good to know. I’ve wondered what this movie would be like. I like Will Smith but the movie seems like it would be so sad. Glad to hear they give God some credit. I also liked Signs a lot

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