Calendar project…

So as I mentioned in another post, I have been working on SEI calendars for gifts (this is actually a picture of the 2008 one).  Yes…I do realize it is mid January.  I made 4 as gifts (my 2 grandmas finally got theirs today/yesterday, my mom’s is in the mail and I am nearly done with my mother in laws).  Since, my mother in law is local…hers went last.  Whew!  I make them nearly every year for these same people because they pretend not to be able to get by without them! 😉  And they wait so patiently for them! LOL 

Basically 12 layouts each…so it is a lot of work and I appreciated the SEI calendar kit last year that I used which cut my work a bit because it was so well done.  However, I was NOT happy with the SEI kits this time around.  I think I will email SEI and let them know that I hunted their calendars out this year since I just loved, loved the 2007 one but was very disappointed with the 2008.

The rub-ons were actually faulty and I was afraid to use any of them after using a couple and playing with a couple others.  They included ribbon…which I used a little of but to be truthful on a calendar is a little silly IMHO to use a lot of ribbon..and you have to wonder if it is going to hold up, you know?  I did like the epoxy stickers but some of the brads they gave were HUGE and just too lumpy for a calendar.


2 Responses to “Calendar project…”

  1. Yeah, I was going to give calendars this year–big honkin’ 12×12 ones I found in the $ spot in November or so… but decided to wait until we start having kids. Then I can make the calendars just for the grandparents, and send them a picture each month and they’ll have a little album by the end of the year. 🙂

  2. hollybirdy Says:

    I started doing them once I had kids….
    grandparents and great grandparents adore them. I put pics of all the grandkids in them so they have a calendar everyone’s kids. The exception to that is the ones I do for the great grandma’s as I have trouble getting pics of the other great grandkids.
    I got one of ones from the dollar spot this year too. I didn’t use it yet…the paper is a little flimsy so I will have to play around with it and what I can do to reinforce it.

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