A hike for me and the boys on MLK day


I promised a hike for “mommy day” if the weather permitted on MLK day.  “Mommy Day” is what my boys call days that are not school days but not weekends either.  Special days off from school. 

So we went.  We went to a local wildlife refuge.  I have had my eye on taking them on a 1.7 mile hike that goes right next to some lakes and a river.  Really beautiful but the mosquitoes and rattle snakes have kept us away til now.

The sign reads 1.7 miles.  We do a 1.4 mile walk here around our neighborhood every so often so I was pretty sure everyone would do fine.  I can tell you that it is more than 1.7 miles…probably more like 2 miles.  But there was little complaining….the last little bit when our van was not quite in sight and legs were getting tired there was a tad of grumbling.  But once the boys could see our van…all was good.

We saw tons of waterfowl.  It would be a beautiful hike in the early spring, with a lot more wildlife I am sure so we will have to try and do it again before those mosquitoes and rattlers are out in too large of numbers.



Header picture is also from the refuge.


2 Responses to “A hike for me and the boys on MLK day”

  1. Way to go on getting out and enjoying God’s creation with your little ones. Good for you and them! Good pictures.

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