My word for the New Year has been in my head since the beginning of the year but I have yet to write it down in words.  Which I am going to do here:

This year I plan to connect.  Connect with my God, my husband , my boys, old friends, new friends, siblings, grandmothers, parents, nieces/nephews…you get the idea.

Most of the time that means I just pick up the phone more but I also need to make an effort snail mail and email a little more.  Sending some love to people I love and care about.

I also am trying to make my time with my boys (all three of them) special.  Today, my youngest and I cuddled up under his new spiderman fleece blanket and just held each other for a little while.  For my youngest, cuddling is connecting.  He had a huge grin on his face. 

I had to fight the urge to go do laundry…this or that.  And that is good…it is a good fight to win.  Quality time with a loved one or laundry…hmmmm…shouldn’t be a hard choice, right?

PS.  Picture was one taken years ago of me and my youngest…check out that chubby little hand…time flies.


3 Responses to “Connecting…”

  1. That’s a great word for the year! We all need to do that more.

  2. You are doing right by your boys. Mommy days, hikes and cuddling are the memories that will stay with them always.
    I had a special hand hold with my kids when we walked across parking lots and through stores, I’d give a couple quick squeezes, and give them a loving look, they’d squeeze back. To this day they still do it on the RARE occasion we hold hands. My boys are 18 and 17 now. The little things are so HUGE.
    The pics from your hike are great. The header is perfect.

  3. I just wanted to say that i love this picture— seems like just the other day my almost 22 year old was that age…

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