So we are doing Netflix

And we got this movie the other day…my husband and I watched it over a couple nights time after the kids were tucked in bed.

Really great movie about working hard to change your life.  Really wonderful and is a great follow up to the prayer post I made the other day.    Based on a true story…makes you think and stretch a little.

Today…there are electricians at my house making some changes so my youngest and I are hanging out.  He is working hard in his playroom….errr…the boys have asked me to call it their “working room” instead of playroom so I need to change up my vocabulary.  Apparently when you are 6 and 4, playing is serious business!


9 Responses to “So we are doing Netflix”

  1. I have wanted to get this movie for a while…will have to get it this weekend, maybe. I think it is about time I get a movie I want to see…not a “Jody” (shoot ’em up—kill ’em all) movie :).

  2. I wish we still had our Netflix subscription. It was really nice. We were on the 3 at a time plan, and would watch and return them as fast as we could so we got as many movies as possible for our monthly fee.
    Sadly, now that we have worked hard and paid off all our credit card debt, we haven’t gotten around to starting it up again.
    Nice movie, indeed. Makes you wish everyone tried that hard in life to make something of themselves!

  3. hollybirdy Says:

    Yes…we are doing the 3 at a time. So far we have enjoyed it a lot. Good for you and Janet on the credit card debt…

  4. hollybirdy Says:

    So funny that you say “Shoot ’em up” as I went to Hastings a month or so ago to pick out a movie for just the two of us and brought him back the movie called “Shoot ’em up”. Since he had asked for a “shoot ’em up” movie…it just seemed to fit the bill. 🙂 That is not a movie I recommend but I can tell you that Jody would love it. LOL

  5. That movie was really good. It was just beautiful in every way. Showing the true meaning of love and determination, great story. I love Netflix, I don’t remember what life was like before it (big movie addict)

  6. Amy,
    I should have said that Jody would love it…and Guy would recommend it to him. However, I would not be the one to do the recommending. 🙂

  7. So it your new header, the picture that preceeded the “flying away” one from your hike with the boys?

    Very nice, but then I’ve always been a “duck man”.

  8. I LOVED this movie. But I almost always love movies based on true stories. It was so moving and touching! We watched “Amazing GRace” that was based on a true story last night. It was really good too.

  9. Excellent movie…watched it this weekend.

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