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Fun Friday

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Zingo was the first game that my boys were able to play just the two of them.  My brother and sister in law got it for my oldest when he turned 3.  Both my boys played it from 3 on.

Fun game to start early with and combine a mixture of ages.  It is basically a bingo game…but the kids find it fun to load the chip holder and reveal what chips are next.


I am slow with this today.  My second accounting exam was released this morning (it is an online course) and I was determined to get most of it done today. 

I did…along with taking a break to do some scrapbook shopping…and yes my freeze it UP!  I did 20 layouts plus the calendars that I did in January.  The good news is that I finished the essay and problem portion of my exam…which is the most time consuming part.  Tomorrow when I am fresh I will take the timed multiple choice and true/false test and be done. 

I will have to share some of my scrap shopping finds later this weekend. 😉


Wonderful Wednesday…err…Thursday

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Hey there scrapbooking friends.

Beautiful day here…it is 81 degrees!  Wow and most importantly it is not windy. Just a little breeze…pleasant, very pleasant.

Well, let’s see.  I have come across a couple cute ideas…this one was in a recent magazine as a “fabulous find.”  It is a new paper/embellishment storage option that I like.   Currently I use these Cropper Hopper paper storage holders.  I am really happy with them.  I keep them in several different places in my scrap room as not to make it look too organized! LOL  However, there are times when I would really like to store some of my paper with embellishments and stickers that are made to go with that paper.  Catch what I mean? 

Anyway this is it:

Scrapbook Crop Can storage 

I would only want one of these (if any…I could live without one but I do like the idea) as I don’t buy a whole line of paper and embellishments often but I do tend to use a lot of the same colors over and over and wouldn’t these be cool to store the papers, embellishments and stickers that are striking my fancy right about now?  I think so.

And the most recent CK, had these cute stamps…stamped on a card and then embellished with a couple tiny primas.  Made me start thinking…so I am looking through my stamped images to see if I can add some little primas or stickers to make them pop.  Gunna try that…hope to post something cute soon! 🙂

I am 1 LO short of coming out of my scrapbook spending freeze!  So….here is something I have had my eye on.  Wonder if my local scrapbooking store is getting any in??


See all the options here…cute, cute, cute.  I have some Queen and Co. felt borders that came out last year…and I liked them.  They are really easy to work with…use as a border or cut it up…works great.

I gotta go…my accounting took forever today!  Quiz and assignment due today and test comes out tomorrow.  joy.

Happy birthday to my man!

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Happy birthday sweetie! 

I tried to think about what would make you happy to see on my blog for your birthday and I came up with this:


 The picture you took of Randy winning his belt.  🙂  So don’t feel too old today as you have your birthday, Randy still has a few years on you!

It did make you smile I bet!

Okay…back to reality…my hubby and I attended a UFC bout in Columbus, OH last year.  It was  a great card…we got to see Matt Hughes and Rich Franklin WIN…two of my personal favorite fighters.  And Randy Cotoure winning the belt was a pretty darn cool too.

So if you would like, wish my sweetie a happy birthday in the comments.

It is also his brother’s birthday…but I have bad news for my brother in law.  Randy really doesn’ t have many years on you at all, if any!  Had to jab you a little…right?  Happy birthday to you too, hope your day is grand.

 Oh, in honor of my hubby’s birthday…I will do my Wonderful Wednesday picks tomorrow instead of today.  So see you then!

Tag from an old friend

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I was tagged the other day by an old friend from my hometown (thanks Sean).   If you get tagged (I have no idea who to tag as I have never done this!), copy and paste this to your own blog, and put in your answers, and then tag 3 other people. Here goes….
10 years ago I was : Let’s see in 1998…I was teaching chemistry and math at a Military school.
5 things on my to do list for today: finish my accounting homework and turn it in, clean out a fish tank, play with my youngest as it is a mommy day, take online accounting quiz, and I will end my day by go to my Beth Moore study this evening (yippee!).
4 things I would do if I became a billionaire: I would give a ton of it away, I would have a cozy cabin, I would make my boys work and learn the value in that, I wouldn’t change my life much
3 bad habits: letting clutter pile up, procrastinating, eating chocolate
5 jobs I have had: golf course attendant, theatre cashier, theatre snack bar girl, high school teacher, junior college teacher
6 Things most people don’t know about me: I love a good workout, I like buttermilk,  I love hikes, I own 2 cockatiels, I own a border collie, my master’s thesis involved research on catfish!
I am tagging a few of my scrapbooking forum friends.  Ann, Shannon and Sherri.

Monday Mission

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Considering that I have something for Wednesdays and Fridays…I decided to add something for Mondays.  So here we go with a Monday Mission.  I am going to do some organizing each week and will share something with you that I think is cool (or maybe not cool…but just some organizing thing that helped poor disorganized me!).

This week I am going to share a simple gift wrap organizing idea.   I didn’t put it together this week…it has been something that I saw a few months back and started working on after I spied it in the magazine.

So it all started with seeing this idea in a BHG magazine. 

 Then I found how to make it (video clip) on their site.   

I decided I wanted to keep it in my scrapping room and  I wanted it to look nicer than a bucket with stuff hanging out.  So I went with a basket from Hobby Lobby on a sale week. 😉

For me gift wrap stuff just gets out of control.  I save this bag and that tissue paper…and before you know it I don’t even want to dig through what I have…I just buy a bag and a new tissue paper and move on.  Which means I do not use it what I have and what I have is a big mess…which takes up space and is not useful to me.

So I am transitioning into this:


Here is what the inside looks like:


 I have a few bags tucked away on a shelf near it…but this basket will hold basic tissue, wrapping paper (I found wrapping paper that was pink gingham on one side and blue on the other for baby showers).  Ribbons and tape are tucked in the organizing bag my hubby got me for Christmas (he got it at Duluth…where he does all his shopping).  As far as wrapping paper is concerned, I am going to go with a few bright colors and make sure I have matching ribbons on hand…and stick with it for awhile…when I grow tired of them I am going to change my paper and ribbon color scheme. 

As you can see…I don’t even follow all my rules.  I bought some kitchen towels at the dollar spot at Target…and they are sitting on top to hopefully wrap a wedding or bridal shower gift.

I have actually even used my new system to wrap a gift!  Since I am right in my scraproom it is easy to grab something like a silk flower to embellish the gift..use a circle punch and a cool stamp I own and in minutes I have it all put together.  Happy with the new location of it all and the finished product.  But I am easy to please…and challenged in this area of my life so I have to find joy in the little steps I am able to take!


Fun Friday – Family game

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We have enjoyed this since Grandpa T and Gram Pam gave it to our youngest as a birthday gift.  It is fun…my dear hubby always tries to beat me by blocking me and I find it really funny when our youngest (age 4) beats him without trying to block anyone!  Our youngest loves the game and will stick with it longer than most games (he isn’t real great at sticking around for a very long game).  At age 4, he totally gets the rules and is always checking out to make sure you have a “catty corner”.  If you don’t….he’ll call you on it!

Fun game for all four of us!  Thanks Grandpa T and GramPam!

Farm trip

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This past weekend we went to my parent’s farm…all three of my boys were in heaven with mud, ice and 4 wheelers.   So…hence the header.  My boys LOVE to feed the cows…it was their second favorite part…following the mud, ice and 4 wheeler part of the trip! 😉