Cool kit

Earlier today I got an email alerting me to the fact that this kit has gone on sale.

Kit of the Month

Here is a video of Becky showing what you get (you have to go down a little to the first video that comes up).  It fits my style really well, since I use 12 X 12 We R memory keepers 3 ring albums.  And this kit really works good with that system…Becky Higgins also uses this album system by the way.  I like Becky Higgins’ work and I think I memorized her  article in CK where she shared her scrapping space and organizing secrets. 

I really was thinking of getting the kit…but I am on a spending freeze with a bunch of other scrappers and am about 10 layouts shy of being able to be free from that commitment so I didn’t buy it.  And it sold out FAST!   Anyway…I am really interested in the kit…maybe they will figure out how to make some more so I can get my layout commitment completed and be free to grab a couple of them up! 🙂


6 Responses to “Cool kit”

  1. Sean Eyring Says:

    I LOVE Becky! And, as it turns out, she is a personal friend! I met her back in 92 while I was on my church mission and was in her hometown. Her husband was a missionary back then, and that is how they met. In fact, it was Becky’s dad, Dr. Allgaier that diagnosed me as having diabetes. I even knew her before she was a scrapbooking wiz! In fact she started out as a nanny of sorts for Lisa Bearnson (CK owner). It’s been fun to “hear about” her life thru her scrapbook layouts and pages she makes and prints in the CK magazines. She is really a super cool, and talented person. Too bad I can’t pull any strings for ya!

  2. hollybirdy Says:

    How fun! I have followed Becky for years..actually have very first book (creative lettering) and have several of her sketch books. Her sketches have helped me really work through some times when scrapbooking wasn’t coming as easy to me.
    It is cool that someone I have known since forever (or maybe it was 1st grade or so but that was a long, long time ago) actually is a friend of hers. 🙂

  3. I was soooo close to buying two of these (filled out all the purchase info), and then talked myself out of it…figured if I renigged on my deal with Jody, the legs would probably fall off my table or something horrible like that!!:)

  4. Amy,
    LOL about the legs falling off your new table :).
    Well, then it selling out was a good thing for both of us…temptation is gone! 😉

  5. O.K. so now they are bringing the kit back….maybe we can fulfill our commitments before they have them out! 😉

  6. hollybirdy Says:

    Yes Amy! That will have to be the plan. 🙂

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