Been scrapping…


What more does a boy need?  Not much…a big backyard, a sweet dog and a lawn mower popper used to keep this little boy as happy as a clam.  These are some old pictures…my oldest in our old backyard…with our dog.  Check out that sweet dog letting my 18 month old put dirt on her nose! 🙂 

In a lot of ways I am glad I hadn’t scrapped these pictures yet…I have such perspective and joy when I do them now!  My oldest used to spend hours upon hours in that backyard pushing that popper lawn mower…that popper has gone many miles.  We still have that popper…I couldn’t part with it.  He got it for his first birthday from grandparents…we even took it on vacations, he loved it that much!  Now that I found the pictures…one of the next layouts I am going to do is about that popper.  It tells such a story.


2 Responses to “Been scrapping…”

  1. I love that idea, and it makes me feel better about not scrapping pics right away. 🙂 Cute LO, I love the outlined handwritten words as part of the title, and the red chipboard. 🙂

  2. Very cute layout. Precious memories. I love looking back and scrapping stuff from the boys childhood. But the problem with waiting, is you forget details unless it’s a super powerful memory.

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