Pretty kitchen


Look at the centerpiece for my kitchen table that my mother in law surprised me with the other day.  Really cute!

We have been in need of some new appliances for some time.  The ice maker and water on our old fridge never worked.  Black specks in the ice and terrible tasting water kept us from ever using it.  So…now that we have been in the house over 3 years, we decided to do something about this!  😉  The microwave was dying and since it was a microwave oven combo, we had to replace both.  So….I have been without an oven for about a week.  I had to have some electrical work done before they could put in my new convection oven with microwave above.  So this is what it looked like for a week.


They are in the process of working on putting it all in.  The space needed some cabinet work so that the new microwave and oven are properly installed.  So excited to see and use that when it is done!

My new fridge is in and it is pretty!  Can’t get to it yet…as they are working on the oven right next to it.  Check it out for yourself….the water is working…and I am waiting for it to make some ice!


So it is an exciting day around here…I sent the boys to the backyard to run off some steam.  They are in the process of doing just that outside the window as I type.  I am working on accounting…my first exam is this weekend.  Wish me luck!


6 Responses to “Pretty kitchen”

  1. What a FUN centerpiece….I love it. Gerbera Daisies are my favorite!! How exciting to have new stuff in your kitchen! Can not wait to see it all finished! Woo-Hoo!

  2. The centerpiece is adorable!!! and congrats on the new fridge–pretty!!! 🙂

    Did you hear? I thought it would make your day:

  3. hollybirdy Says:

    Yes…Amy…when it is all done I plan to have some dinner guests! 🙂

  4. hollybirdy Says:

    Oh, what great news you brought my way! 🙂
    I was busy, busy yesterday with homework, kids and the intall guys so…this was a nice surprise!
    Gotta get outa my spending freeze for sure!

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