Happy Saturday!

So I spent hours last night after the boys were tucked in doing my first accounting exam.  All I can say is that there is NO way you could do that test in a couple hours time if you had to report to a class and take the exam.   Guess that is what I get for taking an on-line course that I can do in my “spare” time.  I made my way through most of it…have an error in my financial statements somewhere and by 10:30 last night when I got to that point…I could hardly see straight.  So I will be looking at that with fresh eyes today.  It is due by 10pm Monday…but I really want it off my plate by the end of today…because I really want to do some crafting and baking.

Speaking of baking…check this out:


I have successfully used my convect oven…yesterday the boys and I made cupcakes (you can see a pic of one in my header).  We used the recipe I posted about yesterday.   Quite low-fat…but good.  The boys enjoyed them without the cream cheese frosting….they are not big on cream cheese frosting for some reason.  The cupcakes were good and I may be making them for their classrooms this next week.  We will see what is needed for their parties.


2 Responses to “Happy Saturday!”

  1. Hope you aced your test! I think I will reconsider the on-line option!!!! 🙂 Doesn’t look like you got to go on Friday?!?!?! I know you just did not want to go without me!! LOL 😉 On the cupcakes…did you use regular cocoa?

  2. hollybirdy Says:

    Hey…didn’t go Friday…hubby was sick, real sick plus had this test to stay up and do. So…I would have rather been scrapbooking but on the bright side I think I did pretty well on my test. Besides…scrapping without you is only half the fun! 🙂
    About the cupcakes…I had to go to WM for the a run so I grabbed real buttermilk and they had that special blend of cocoa so I bought it. I think that cocoa plus the mixing it with water and blending it at the beginning really made a difference.
    Besides the boys got to find out how bitter cocoa is without sugar! 😉

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