Jumped rope lately?

Well, I don’t think I had jumped rope since I was a senior in high school (we actually had to jump rope as part of basketball practice warm ups).  That was til my boys got these jump ropes for Christmas.  We have had several jump ropes…my boys found other uses for them (trapping dinosaurs, building a house, etc) and they just ended up in knots that were just too hard to get out.  So…when I came across these…I was excited.

I remembered that we had these in PE when I was in grade school.  The weight of the beads make it easier to learn how to jump rope and when you store them, they don’t get all tangled up.  Perfect.

Buy Beaded Rainbow Jumprope 8' at CreativeKidStuff.com

We gave one to my niece for Christmas and last time she visited, she showed us how she was learning to jump rope.  🙂

I also got the long one so we could take turns turning it for each other and jumping in…now I have no idea how many years it has been since I had attempted that little trick but it has been many.  Probably since I was about 7 or so…seriously.  The last time I remember doing it was in gradeschool on a certain playgroud that we played on K-2nd grade…but I don’t remember it after that.

I did actually finally figure out how to jump in again…but it was not pretty I assure you!

I got them at http://www.creativekidstuff.com.  Here is link directly to the single jump roap.  http://www.creativekidstuff.com/rainbow-jumprope-8.html

Now that I know they actually work great…just like I remembered from oh so long ago…I may pick up a few more to give as birthday gifts.


6 Responses to “Jumped rope lately?”

  1. Oooh, I’d like to see where you got them, I love the beaded ropes. But the link wasn’t working for me (said http:/// and nothing else). Even as a kid, I don’t think I was ever brave enough to jump in, but I always wanted to!!!


  2. hollybirdy Says:

    Thanks for letting me know the link didn’t work…weird…never did get it to work right so just coppied it in.

  3. WOO-HOO!!! It is always like you know what I have been thinking about and then find it for me…you rock!! I have SEARCHED high and low (not high and low enough) for these exact ropes! I can not get the link to work either. I have bought Shelb many a jump rope, but they are all to light to jump, especially to learn with! I can just see us all out in the front yard jumping rope! ENTERTAINMENT!

  4. hollybirdy Says:

    Oh, yes…doesn’t Shelby have a birthday coming up??? 😉
    I had to just insert the links…never got them to work right.

  5. saw you post on Ali Edward’s blog. Thought I would let you know that I just picked up a MS butterfly punch at Michaels today and you can now use coupon on MS stuff. .so 40 percent off.

    I am going to make the collage too. . too cute

  6. I loved that collage. I am thinking making one for the boys playroom that would be a different shape…maybe even dinosaurs (need to look at all the punches that are available). We will see…and the boys could help so that would be perfect.
    We have a hobby lobby here but no Michaels…I haven’t been to a Michaels in quite a long time. I think we went to one when we went to Columbus, OH (when we had no kids in tow) last year looking for some specific paint that my mil wanted. I wish I was closer to one. I think they have an online option but never looked into it.
    40 percent off coupons are totally cool…that is a great deal.

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