It has been awhile…

Between my accounting class (I did great on my test btw…but it is ever so time consuming!!!) and what was a very rough week for me…I have not had much time to play around on my blog. 

I have been wanting to post about kid’s board games…the boys got several for Christmas that we have been enjoying.   And we have had a couple games for several years that have stood the test of time…so would love to share those with you.

My oldest is game lover.  Little turkey works hard to beat everyone at games that have strategy so we try to play a little of both…those that have strategy and those that don’t.  Hoping (and praying I assure you!) that we can teach him good sportsmanship…win or loose.

I think I will start Fun Fridays where I will post about board games that we play and kinda give some info about a certain game…letting you know what it is about a certain game that we enjoy or any reason why we don’t enjoy it.

I have seen some cute scrapbooking products and ideas that I think will be terribly fun…so I think I am going to do start a Wonderful Wednesday post on my blog about fun scrapbooking stuff I find, make or want to make. 

So…stay tuned for Wonderful Wednesday…tomorrow!  And Fun Friday on Friday!



3 Responses to “It has been awhile…”

  1. Hey!! I have been missin’ you!
    I can not wait to hear about the games…Shelb is a game and puzzle lover…Cory, not so much, but if sissy asks him to play, he will. 🙂 Sweet boy!
    AND scrapping ideas!!!! WOO-HOO!!!!

  2. I will have to do a post on my own of some of our favorites, since we both have boys! Stay tuned…

  3. Sean,
    I will look forward for a game post from you…fun!

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