Our very first official….Wonderful Wednesday

So Wednesdays are going to be all about scrapbooking fun stuff that I either made (like fun embellishments, etc not pages)…or cool stuff I have seen for sale.

So here are my wonderful Wednesday fun things…

I think journaling on my pages is extremely important.   I journal lots of different ways.   Sometimes just by writing around the edges of a picture…I always need some sort of guide so I don’t get crooked!  I can’t write straight otherwise. So I need lines provided when I journal.  Here are some fun journaling finds:

I saw these last year when they came out…looked for them at my local scrapping store, asked about them at several scrapping stores I have been to.  Still not to find them…actually thought I had dreamed them up. 🙂  That really could have happened you know!  I had such a hard time finding them again and recently I asked my buddies on my scrapbooking board about them and of course they found it for me.

I love the idea of journaling a memory in a spiral notebook and then just tearing it out…and scrapbooking it.  Simple and easy.  I have not tried it out but it looks super cool and I think I will get it in the black/white as it seems the most versatile.

And this is a very cute, free journaling template…complete with a video that tells you how to make this shaped journaling.   It is from CK and Jessica Sprague.  

I love these little tags from this Etsy shop.  She has lots of other cute things too!   😉 

I even used on of her tags on the layout I posted on here the other day…see below.

Luscious Labels Funky


7 Responses to “Our very first official….Wonderful Wednesday”

  1. oh, those are such cute finds!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Woo-Hoo!!! I have waited *all* day for this!! 🙂
    Very cute stuff .. I love the spiral notebook thought!! and the blk/wht is wonderful!
    I saw these the other day and thought os them again when I read you blg today http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=9686461

  3. WOW..I really should proof before I click the “subit comment” button!!! 🙂

  4. Amy,
    Those tags are the coolest…might have to make some of those! 😉

  5. Would you consider taking part in our “Slice of Life Story Challenge” in March?



  6. Someone was asking about that journaling notebook, if only I could remember who! Cute. I love the little tags. Maybe I should get some when the freeze is over.

  7. […] ideas.  I have already devoted another Wonderful Wednesday to journaling and you can take it in here…that just tells you how important the story behind a layout it to me when I am […]

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