Happy birthday to my man!

Happy birthday sweetie! 

I tried to think about what would make you happy to see on my blog for your birthday and I came up with this:


 The picture you took of Randy winning his belt.  🙂  So don’t feel too old today as you have your birthday, Randy still has a few years on you!

It did make you smile I bet!

Okay…back to reality…my hubby and I attended a UFC bout in Columbus, OH last year.  It was  a great card…we got to see Matt Hughes and Rich Franklin WIN…two of my personal favorite fighters.  And Randy Cotoure winning the belt was a pretty darn cool too.

So if you would like, wish my sweetie a happy birthday in the comments.

It is also his brother’s birthday…but I have bad news for my brother in law.  Randy really doesn’ t have many years on you at all, if any!  Had to jab you a little…right?  Happy birthday to you too, hope your day is grand.

 Oh, in honor of my hubby’s birthday…I will do my Wonderful Wednesday picks tomorrow instead of today.  So see you then!


4 Responses to “Happy birthday to my man!”

  1. Happy Birthday to you…
    Happy Birthday to you…
    Happy Birthday, my sweetest friends hubbbbyyy.
    Happy Birthday tooooo YOOOOOUUUUU!

    You don’t know how lucky you are that you did not have to hear that song come out of my mouth…my typing is much more beautiful!!!!


  2. No prodding the old codger while he naps. 🙂

  3. Oh Holly, what a surprise. I would have never guessed you for a wrestling fan. Don’t know why! I guess I just don’t put wrestling and scrapping together! HA. I learned something today.
    My knee is good!! YEA. Still have a pain in my back but I’m running, albeit, slowly.

  4. LOL UFC – for some reason just does NOT seem like something the Holly *I* know would be interested in LOL 😉

    and for a millisecond I thought you were posting a pic of your hubby!!! {blush}

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