Wonderful Wednesday…err…Thursday

Hey there scrapbooking friends.

Beautiful day here…it is 81 degrees!  Wow and most importantly it is not windy. Just a little breeze…pleasant, very pleasant.

Well, let’s see.  I have come across a couple cute ideas…this one was in a recent magazine as a “fabulous find.”  It is a new paper/embellishment storage option that I like.   Currently I use these Cropper Hopper paper storage holders.  I am really happy with them.  I keep them in several different places in my scrap room as not to make it look too organized! LOL  However, there are times when I would really like to store some of my paper with embellishments and stickers that are made to go with that paper.  Catch what I mean? 

Anyway this is it:

Scrapbook Crop Can storage 

I would only want one of these (if any…I could live without one but I do like the idea) as I don’t buy a whole line of paper and embellishments often but I do tend to use a lot of the same colors over and over and wouldn’t these be cool to store the papers, embellishments and stickers that are striking my fancy right about now?  I think so.

And the most recent CK, had these cute stamps…stamped on a card and then embellished with a couple tiny primas.  Made me start thinking…so I am looking through my stamped images to see if I can add some little primas or stickers to make them pop.  Gunna try that…hope to post something cute soon! 🙂

I am 1 LO short of coming out of my scrapbook spending freeze!  So….here is something I have had my eye on.  Wonder if my local scrapbooking store is getting any in??


See all the options here…cute, cute, cute.  I have some Queen and Co. felt borders that came out last year…and I liked them.  They are really easy to work with…use as a border or cut it up…works great.

I gotta go…my accounting took forever today!  Quiz and assignment due today and test comes out tomorrow.  joy.


5 Responses to “Wonderful Wednesday…err…Thursday”

  1. I work at a craft store on the weekends, and I haven’t seen any of the above items, but think that they are pretty handy. Did you know that I used to work for Pebbles in my Pocket (they are a fairly well known scrapbooking entity). I taught paper doll making classes there (ever hear of the Paperkins line?), and worked as a night cashier. So I am a bit of a scrapper myself.

  2. Sean,
    I do know what Paperkins are…when I first started scrapping I made those! Too fun…well and here I thought the guys would be bored stiff by my scrapbooking posts!

  3. Those are cool containers! I knew you would like that felt!

  4. Karen L. Says:

    Oh, those containers are very cool! They would make your craft room look like a scrapbook store!! And I love those little tree stamps….super cute!
    Congrats on ending your freeze and meeting your goal. Now you get to reward yourself with goodies!

  5. BeckyinMich Says:

    Aaaack! 81 degrees?? At the moment here it’s 24 and dropping fast.

    Double Aaaack! The photo of the container is missing so I can’t tell what you made! All I see is the dreaded red x. Sigh..

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