Fun Friday

Zingo was the first game that my boys were able to play just the two of them.  My brother and sister in law got it for my oldest when he turned 3.  Both my boys played it from 3 on.

Fun game to start early with and combine a mixture of ages.  It is basically a bingo game…but the kids find it fun to load the chip holder and reveal what chips are next.


I am slow with this today.  My second accounting exam was released this morning (it is an online course) and I was determined to get most of it done today. 

I did…along with taking a break to do some scrapbook shopping…and yes my freeze it UP!  I did 20 layouts plus the calendars that I did in January.  The good news is that I finished the essay and problem portion of my exam…which is the most time consuming part.  Tomorrow when I am fresh I will take the timed multiple choice and true/false test and be done. 

I will have to share some of my scrap shopping finds later this weekend. 😉


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  1. Good luck on your exams!

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