Monday mission didn’t happen…

I have spent my Monday and Tuesday doing basically 2 things (other than the usual chores and to dos). 

1.  Working on my aquarium set up that was given to us.  My oldest and I spent some time yesterday (which was fun for me and good science fun for him) figuring out what kind of fish we have (it came with 7 fish) and doing some research on them.   I have never had a freshwater aquarium of my own…and boy do I have a lot to learn. 

2. Setting up and going to dentist cleanings and checkups.  Joy…the boys are good little dentist patients which I am grateful for.

Anyway…we have…

Neon Tetra JumboHead & Tail Light Tetra

 2 neon tetras, 2 head and tail light tetras, 1 other tetra (haven’t found it’s name but can tell it is a tetra by a weird extra fin that tetras have), a molly or a platy (don’t know how to tell the difference) and some sort of HUGE sucker.  I have a home in a neighbor’s pond (come warm weather) for the sucker.  He is just too big. 

And it is taking so much of my time because I was really ignorant and let the boys put some sea shells (that were given to us with the tank) IN the tank as decor.   Well, that is NOT good as I found out.  The pH of our tank is close to 8! And I am working on bringing it down before my neons croak! OH, my.  And the tank is healthy and quite buffered so…changing the pH is a challenge.

So excuse my absence while I (hopefully) save some fish from their demise…and do a little accounting homework.  😉


3 Responses to “Monday mission didn’t happen…”

  1. aascifres Says:

    How fun! Neon tetras are my all time fav aquarium fish! (besides beta, because they don’t need ANYthing!) Have fun and have a blessed day! 🙂

  2. BeckyinMich Says:

    What fun! Your son will remember lots about what he’s learning with you about the fish. I still remember doing something similar with my dad & that was 40 years ago!! 🙂 Hope the PH level returns to normal soon!

  3. Good luck with the fish. I remember doing all that with the boys. The first fish that died, had a ceremonial burial, then by the end, they were flushed down… After that we just didn’t do it anymore. but it was fun while it lasted.

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