Wonderful Wednesday, #3

Hello, hello…

So I promised to tell about some of my scrapbooking purchases…after coming off my freeze…I was excited to do a little shopping.

I have used up a lot of letter sticker sheets lately.  Letter sticker sheets from Reminisce have been a favorite.  I own a few die cut options but find that I don’t use them enough to invest in more die cute alphas so I decided if I use certain stickers a lot then I should find some more and have them on hand.  Besides my local scrapbooking store was have a sale for leap day.  I saw these

online and I think I would find lots of uses for them (given my current fascination…you’ll read more about that below)…might have to order them online somewhere.  My scrapbooking store did have quite a few of other sticker sheets like this one and I picked up a few.

I am really into felt for scrapbooking right now.  Found these in the Easter section at Hobby Lobby:


I bought some felt…and made this bird. 


 I will be adding some felt creations to my pages very soon as I had fun playing around.

Now some scrapping creations:


Thank you card :  pattern paper scraps from other projects and Reminisce sticker letters (Oh, and you can barely make out the craft paper envelope that I put the card in, I was happy to find these at my HL as I like envelopes other than white and craft is always a good neutral choice).


Journaling that is tucked behind reads:  “18 months old and one dog feeding, tooth brushing, pudding eating, chubby cheeked, Tonka truck pushing, flower smelling, messy faced silly kid.” 

This LO and the thank you card were inspired by Elizabeth Kartchner who was CKs scrapbooker of the year (she had a “Silly you” LO she posted a few days ago).  I like to visit her blog for inspiration and fun music. 🙂

And this is the lawnmower popper LO I did and forgot to share.


Journaling from the popper LO follows:

In a lot of ways I am glad I hadn’t scrapped these pictures yet…you are now a six year old boy.  Nearly 5 years has passed.  I had such perspective and joy when I sat down and looked at these the other day!  In these pictures you were 18 months old.  You used to spend hours upon hours in that backyard pushing that popper lawn mower…that popper has gone many miles. You got it for your first birthday from Grandpa T and GramPam.  We even took it on vacations, you loved it that much!

We still have that popper.  I have put it in storage…I couldn’t part with it.  A little loony I know…usually I am good about taking a picture of things that I have a hard time parting with and moving on but something about that popper.  I just couldn’t do it.  It tells such a story.

Maybe one day, we will pass it on to your firstborn…most likely my future daughter in law won’t allow that (and I really would not be able to blame her!). 

BTW, yes…I am addicted to polka dots right now I think. 🙂  What is up with that?   I am unsure.   And those letters on all three creations are from the same  letter sticker sheet by Reminisce.  Addicted to those right now too.  Not sure what is up with that. 😉

So here is to a polka dot Wonderful Wednesday!

 PS.  The fish are still alive and swimming! 😉


4 Responses to “Wonderful Wednesday, #3”

  1. Love that felt you got! Very cute card with all those bright colors!

  2. aascifres Says:

    What awsome layouts! I love “poddie dots” (Shelby’s word) also! Cute card, too….we need to get together and do cards sometime! 😉

  3. I looooove those stickers, the are so making me want to get those stamps out and try them on some fun pp! The only problem is it will be a PITB to cut out the letter centers, but oh, well, onward and upward.

    I love your lil’ birdie and the fun LO and blogs you shared! I am going to go to Hobby Lobby today and get in a little shopping. 🙂

  4. I love your pages and card!!

    And I love your blog-it’s so cute!


    thanks for sharing!!!

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