Fun Friday, #3 (memory games)

My oldest loves a good memory game.  For his 3rd birthday, he got his first memory game (which was a dinosaur one)  and he caught on quickly.  Within no time at all he was regularly beating me and my husband at it.  We played that game over and over.  When the cards started getting worn, I tried to find one just like it to replace it but they don’t make it anymore so we laminated (with a xyron) the cards and have continued to play it.

My youngest isn’t as interested in memory games…maybe because he doesn’t stand a chance of beating his brother at them…but he has a Thomas one that he plays with me from time to time.

We have played quite a few…we have Bob the Builder one and a few others…the important part is that you don’t have too many matches for a beginner player.  You can work your way up to more matches when the kiddo learns to match a few.  This is something I didn’t do real well with my youngest and he really doesn’t like to play them much probably because he remembers being frustrated the first couple times we played.

Here is one a memory game I picked up a few months back and it is fun because we are learning types of birds as we play:

Hmmm…well…I thought I could provide a link. 

It is called “Birds of America’s National parks” 100 piece matching game.  I actually got it from Current…as weird as that sounds and they appear not to have it anymore.  I got it in their sale section.  It appears that it is a hard game to find online as I came up with nothing on a google search.

Here are some cute playing cards from Current…on sale for 4 bucks:


2 Responses to “Fun Friday, #3 (memory games)”

  1. How fun to have cards with birds on them…my mom would love those! Shelby LOVES memory games, once again…Cory not so much, but he will suffer through them every once in a while!

  2. […] some cool ones with built in sound effects.  Oh, I also found a dinosaur matching game (see my post on matching games)…in the Target dollar bins.  Cool dinos  to match…played it last night with my […]

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