Ten pics tag…

Take 10 random, previously un-blogged photos from your computer and blog them with captions.  I was tagged by Sean again.

I figure that this will be fun. 😉

#1.  A cross on an overcast day at my oldest’s school.


#2. We had snow two mornings last week…it didn’t hang around for long but the moisture was nice.  Here is my oldest playing in it before school.


#3.  We have been going for walks with the boys on scooters lately.


#4.  My boys go to their fist livestock auction…just a week or so ago.  My oldest really liked it.


#5.  Birthday card I made the other day with scraps from a birthday LO.


#6.  Trying to take pics of my fish…hmmm…need do some reading up on getting a good shot of them.  Blood fin tetra and platy (I think).


#7.  Collie herding goats.  At an ag expo we got to take in some collie’s who actually work for a living…ours just hangs out in our backyard and takes us for walks.


#8.  This collie could not wait to get a turn.


#9.  Get well card I made for my cousin who was injured in Iraq. 


#10.  Part of my “uniform”…you will normally find me in my New Balance shoes and jeans.


I am tagging anyone who feels like doing this.  It was fun.


2 Responses to “Ten pics tag…”

  1. Thanks for humoring me! You’ll be off the hook the next time I get tagged!

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