Funny kid saying and the antelope you see above…

The header picture is of a herd of antelope that the boys and I see nearly daily.  Either on the way to take my oldest to school or on the the way home…there they are.  They are usually grazing and thinking about when they will cross the road to go hide in the pecan orchards that are nearby.  I always watch closely for them…first off I don’t want to run in to any of them and secondly I just love to see what they are up to.  I need to put my long range lens on my Rebel and just have it with me for a week…as I could get some really good shots.  I snapped the one on the header late last week on my way to pick up my 6 year old from half day kindergarten.

This morning, there the herd was…close as can be to the road.  I slowed down pointed them out to my 4 year old who was still in his pajamas and a little blurry eyed.  He said, “That antelope (the on that was right by the edge of the road) is eating, getting power so he can cross the road.” 

Yep…that is exactly what that antelope is doing. 


2 Responses to “Funny kid saying and the antelope you see above…”

  1. That kid of yours ROCKS!!!! 🙂

  2. wow!! can’t believe that!

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