Wonderful Wednesday, #4

Hey all!

I have been listening to this neat bunch of scrapbooking podcasts on my shuffle when I go for walks.  So wanted to share with you so you can listen too.   They are called ScrapHappy.  The host is Lain Ehmann and she has a blog, where she alerts you when she has a new podcast and updates her blog pretty regularly.  I just have my itunes set up to automatically “get” all the new episodes.  And…it is free so check it out. 🙂

ETA:  I read back through the post about the pod casts and realized I didn’t give many specifics.  I really like her book reviews, kit reviews and LOVE her interviews.  So far, in  catching up on old pod casts she has interviewed Ali Edwards, Stacy Julian (actually recent fairly recent one), and Becky Higgins.  Enjoyed hearing what those ladies had to offer a lot and Lain asks some great interview questions.  Totally worth lending your ears to for a time.

I like birds (obviously…as my blog address indicates)…and they are “in” as far as the scrapbooking world is concerned so when I saw this

Paper Bird

 in the Better Homes and Gardens magazine I knew I had to get the pattern.  I actually came across it in a BHG magazine that was reading while waiting for my appointment with my chiropractor.  I saw it moments before he walked in ready to work on me so I quickly committed the web addy of the free template to memory.  I am super surprised that I was actually able to remember it (usually I am terrible at remembering such things!) and now have the template to use.  A cute, fat little bird that belongs on a my Easter tree (which I will post a pic of soon) and in a scrapbook page or two.

And lastly…

Maya Roadhas some of the cutest chipboard peices…normally I just look at them I dream.  However, these were 60 cents at 2 peas today when I made an order.   So I thought I would try them out and see if I can do anything halfway cute with them.

That’s it for your wonderful Wednesday…sorry to be slow with this…it is nearly Thursday!  Kiddos have  been home sick some…but they haven’t felt terrible…the best kind of sick days.  Today we did some scooter riding, some craft painting and some organizing.  I actually have some Monday Mission things to share but haven’t had a chance.  Look for that over the next couple days.


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