Saturday…a walk followed by some yard work


 So after a long walk…but not your normal leisurely walk I assure you.  It consisting of my 2 boys on scooters…followed at a pretty fast pace by myself and Morgan (our 12 year old Border Collie).  I was listening to an old ScrapHappy podcast in one ear and keeping the other ear free to hear cars/boys (yes one earphone in and one dangling by my side).  Morgan was  pulling like crazy annoyed that she was not in the lead (as usual).  If your think that 12 years of life has mellowed that border collie…you have another thing coming.

But after that…we got busy.  (And yes…most sane people would have called that outing enough for the day…however…being a mother of 2 boys I am not really allowed the luxury of sanity.) 🙂

I love yard work…and this was very quick and rewarding.  I had tons of help from my 6 year old and not so much from my 4 year old.  However, it is the 4 year old who found a play saw and started climbing the remaining limbs.  This can be seen in the picture above. 

So the usual for projects and  my 2 boys…one kid working hard and loving it.   The other kid making the most of our time…but trying to avoid the work involved.  They are funny boys…


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