MOnday Mission

A few missions have been running through my mind lately. 

First off, Easter is so sneaking up on me.  If we are going to get any eggs dyed this year we had better get after it.  Wow…Easter certainly is coming early!

Easter Egg Tree

The idea of a Easter egg tree is a tradition of my husband’s family.  We have one right now.  The one above is from Martha’s site.  I usually use a branch rather than the sticks that are used above…this year it is off a mesquite bush…it has thorns…added charm and meaning for Easter.  I put it in my vases that I pictured in this post…using Easter grass around the outside and small plastic eggs to fill in around the branch.

I am also thinking of ways to organize my life better…I feel like I have been totally chasing my tail lately. This article has a good idea about the 10 minute clutter busting.  My boys would probably find it fun at this age…and if we got in the routine of doing it now, could really pay off in the future.   I am also working on our “mud room” …which is just where we hang our coats and backpacks, etc. because it is also my laundry room.  I think I am going to add pegs that are low enough for my boys to reach so that they can hang up and be responsible for their own stuff.  As of right now…they have to climb on a bench in order to get to their coats/backpacks which usually means that I end up doing it for them.  I will have to give up a little laundry space to add an area that is just for them, but I think it will be worth it.  So…looking into what to add to accomplish this.

I am thinking about this row of pegs.

And a bench, kinda like these…but I think I already own one that may work, just gotta see if it fits.


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