Wonderful Wednesday, #5 and egg decorating


Watch out world…I got my first scallop punch!

 I use my 2 inch circle punch a LOT…and I use my 2 inch square one quite a bit too.  I figured that if I am good about using those two, I probably will use a scallop punch or two quite a bit too.  So got one with my recent Stampin uporder.  We recently got a SU demo gal in our town… I haven’t bought anything SU in years and found their selection pretty fun and very much improved since that last time I looked.

This lady has some cute cards made with SU products.  I see the scallop punch begin used on several of her cards.  She does make a card mondays…where she shoes video of her making a demo card. 

Below is a soccer layout that I did the other day.  I happened to snap a pic just as my oldest shot the ball from mid-field for a goal.  Okay…so the field is not very long at all (soccer for 5 year olds you know?)…so mid-field embellishes the story a little.  🙂  He is a defense player, not terribly aggressive…but can kick the ball pretty well.  He was pretty happy with himself. 🙂  And his mom was pretty proud of him. 


Signing out for a few days.  There will be no fun Friday this week…since it is Good Friday.  I will also be busy most of next week as it is Spring break here and we will be traveling around!   

We did get our eggs dyed.  It was fun…they boys loved these cool vices I got them to hold their eggs while they drew on them, etc.  I got them at Walmart.



3 Responses to “Wonderful Wednesday, #5 and egg decorating”

  1. This whole post gave my heart a good work-out!
    It jumped for joy at the first pic…I love a good punch!
    The pic of the boy has got to be the BEST “excitment” picture ever!!! I LOL and Shelb came running to see what was going on! You guys have fun and be safe!

  2. How did we ever decorate eggs back the stone age (you know, the 80’s) without cool devises like these!!

  3. awesome soccer layout!! love that punch.

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