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Got this quote in an email from Dayspring

No ocean can hold it back.

No river can overtake it.

No whirlwind can go faster.

No army can defeat it.

No law can stop it.

No distance can slow it.

No disease can cripple it.

No force on earth is more powerful or effective than the power of prayer.

By Lynn Carlson

So true….

And what a gift prayer is…being able to just talk to my Lord and Savior without texting, phoning, emailing, or meeting at a coffee shop. 



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This week is crazy…I have the last chapter of my accounting class homework…with the final being this weekend (I will download it on Friday and have to have it handed in by Tuesday at 10 pm).  So……

I may pop in later this week but for the most part just taking a break!

The good news is that…the scrap stash give away packages will go out tomorrow.  My big 4 year old, has a mommy day tomorrow and I will need his help carrying them in to the post office!

I was slow but sure…hope you all enjoy! 🙂

Wonderful Wednesday, Stickles

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I first used a stickles-like product about 5 years ago.  I took a rubber stamping class that was offered by our adult center and the instructor introduced me to “stickles.”  Very cool stuff…and back then I only knew about the clear, “diamond”…now days it comes in many colors. Stickles is basically a glue with glitter in it.  It is very versitile…and I recently purchased a few colors at my local scrapbooking store.  Now days Ranger Ink makes the real Stickles…and it runs about 2 bucks a bottle.

This video podcast gives great tips on how to use Stickles in many different ways.  And here is the link to the lady who does the video podcast, I have enjoyed several of her video podcasts…have only had time to watch a handful so far.



Totally random on this Tuesday

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  This cute, cute tote made from a pillow case…looks super easy…and to hear me say that you must know that I don’t sew much at all!  It was Martha’s craft of the day (since it is earth day)…loved it.    Here is a link to the directions they give. 

And as if these two things are at all related…

Saturday night, my hubby and I had over some fun friends and we watched UFC 83 .  I was delighted that my all time favorite fighter, Rich Franklin, pulled out a win.  I have no idea how he got out of that armbar…I have seen so few fighters sneak away from an armbar that was as “extended” like that one was.  I have no idea if I am using the right terminology…LOL!  But I was glad that Rich had his hand held up at the end denoting that he indeed won! 🙂 

I like to watch Rich because he really tries to be a good role model…and gives thanks to God at the end of his fights.  Gotta give credit where credit is due…and Rich continues to remember to do just that.  

If you check out his site, you will see that he is super sweet on his wife…and his family.  He also used to be a high school math teacherl…which I think is cool.  Anyway…wonderful to have such a good, solid role model out there. 

Here he is:

Go to fullsize image

MOnday mission on a Monday this time!

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My mission continues to be putting in my spring plants.  The past three years, I have tried to put in a few more perennials every year…learning what works and what doesn’t. 

As I promised, some pics.

In the picture below, the white flowers are candytuft and the orange ones are wallflowers.  Both of these are perennials I put in last year.  Perfect for the spot…which is along the sidewalk on the way to my front door.

Oh, and there are some galardia from last year that will be blooming come summer.

Oh, and look at this faithful, cute mourning dove that has a nest in one of my front bushes.  It is a big bush, no doubt…and she has a good view! 🙂

Fun Friday, marbles

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Mindware has this marble run out.

All three of my “boys” love it.

Here they are playing with it.

Great for creativity…as there are no directions! 🙂 

Today’s mail brought this Simple Scrapbooks to me…

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The May/June issue.

Check out the cover (sorry tried to post a pic and failed).

I do like that star pattern paper by KI memories…may have to watch for that. 

A link to the pattern paperThis stripe is cute too.

Just like the people at Simple knew that I was fascinated by stars lately. 🙂

Oh, and they have a free download for journaling cards here.

There is even a star journaling spot in the mix!