Monday mission


The boys “helping” harrow a field.


Feeding the cows.

My Monday Mission was just to catch up with stuff around here…I was here for only one full day of spring break and I wouldn’t have missed our Spring Break fun for anything…however, it did leave me behind with stuff around the house.    A lot of progress was made yesterday which is good since I have homework due in accounting very soon…like today!   Spring break is definitely OVER.  Back to the real world! 

For now, I will leave you with some farm pics that I took last week.  We spent 3 days on my parents farm last week.  My youngest said this morning that he wants his BahPah and MeeMaw to move themselves AND the farm closer to him!  🙂  I said that would be difficult.  😉 

PS.  Here is the meaning of harrow…

har·row1  –noun

1. an agricultural implement with spikelike teeth or upright disks, drawn chiefly over plowed land to level it, break up clods, root up weeds, etc.

Just FYI…I grew up on a farm and had to look it up myself just to make sure I was using the right term.  :0)


2 Responses to “Monday mission”

  1. Nanette Says:

    Glad you had such a good Spring break. It’s a bummer to have to go back to the ‘real world’ after a nice break like that. I went back to work today after being off. Not fun!!

  2. How fun that they got to spend some time on the farm! 🙂 I love going home to ours, too, although it is more of a ranch, I think, since we really raise cattle, not crops.

    (well we, like it’s me at all, just my parents!) lol

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