Wonderful Wednesday, digital photo editing and give away watch



First off…I want to announce that I will be doing a blog give away of scrapbooking supplies soon, so watch for a post in the next couple days.  I have been doing some cleaning of my scrapbooking room and am major need of simplifying what I have to work with.  Right now…I have patten paper that I have looked and not used…over and over again.  It is time to find a good home for some of my stash…too much of a good thing is really just TOO much. 🙂

Most of you who scrapbook, realize how important a good picture really is.  So today I am focusing (pun intended) in on digital photo editing.  Even though I have a very nice digital camera (Canon Rebel), sometimes my pics come out less perfect due to terrible lighting…bad positioning on my part, etc.

Recently, I have learned a little more about simple photo editing of digital pics from Pioneer Woman.  I have always wondered how some of the effects were made that I see on digital photography blogs….now I know some of the tricks at least.  If you have Adobe Photoshop…she will show walk you through the procedures on that program.  I really like her tip on how to make your pictures pop (duplicate layer, hard light).  She also will show you how to antique them, etc. 

I have also played a little bit with the iphoto editing on my new Mac.  Love all the effects it does and all you have to do is do a little clicking with the mouse. (I antiqued the farm pics from my last post using the iphoto on my Mac).

I actually was glacing back at some pics on my computer…found this one:


It is of my youngest when he was about 18 months old.  I played with it using her duplicate layer, hard light fix (you will find her directions for this in the link above).  Result:


Not bad.  It works better on some pics than others. 

Some of my kids infant pictures are on my list to try this out on…I didn’t have my Rebel back then and I have some less than stellar pics that I would love to make a little better.  Will post a few of those so you can see what it does to those.

Soccer starts today…so better run…gotta go find some shin guards in my oldest’s closet!


3 Responses to “Wonderful Wednesday, digital photo editing and give away watch”

  1. soccer! wahoo! Timothy is refferring and it started several weeks ago for us. Good to catchup on your site. I need to come look more often. Good information about photo editing. Will have to read that.

  2. Okay, I just got an email from Deanna Stock! How fun to connect with all you old (I mean young) high school friends!
    Oh, and I am waiting on pins and needles for the scrapbook giveaway! Janet has been reorganizing her craft room, and we have room for more stuff!

  3. hollybirdy Says:

    Oh, so glad she contacted you. I was delighted to connect with her and Dwayne. Wild…the way life works.
    Okay…getting to scrapbook giveaway…accouting homework and quizzes were due yesterday, with a test this weekend. But it should be soon…I am thinking if I get a good chunk on my test tomorrow first thing…I will have a chance after that!

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