Fun friday, Dinosaurs


Love this picture of our sweet border collie innocently napping…not knowing what she will wake up to!

My oldest fell in love with dinos at age 2.  He still loves his bins of dinosaurs…we keep them in rolling bins so he can transport and play with them in different rooms.  At his current age of 6, he still finds them to be lots and lots of fun…I don’t see it ending any time soon. 

Target has a lot of dinosaurs right now.  In the dollar bins I found some cool ones with built in sound effects.  Oh, I also found a dinosaur matching game (see my post on matching games)…in the Target dollar bins.  Cool dinos  to match…played it last night with my oldest and got my booty kicked.  I need some matching game strategies…if I am going to continue to compete against him!

Here is a pic of my two boys playing dinos and cars from a couple years back. 


Whenever my niece comes for a visit, she and the boys love to play dinosaurs together.  They do a more of a “family” play theme (a little less of the dinosaur fighting and more working together as a family to migrate, etc.) when she plays…but those 3 can play dinosaurs for hours on end.  So not just a boy thing…girls enjoy too. 🙂


2 Responses to “Fun friday, Dinosaurs”

  1. OMG! The poor dog is under attack! boys….

  2. BeckyinMich Says:

    I love this photo! I can just imagine the dog waking up & going Aaaack! 😉

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