Scrap stash give away

As promised, I found some time to organize my paper and am parting with some that I am just not using.  My style has changed over the years and most of these papers I have had for a couple years now.   I have come to the conclusion that I don’t like plaids and I used to love earth tones and I don’t use many of those anymore…so there are lots of plaids and earth tones in the mix.  Good things to learn about myself as a scrapper!

Here is the one I am calling “plaids”…it is mainly K & Co. and We R Memory Keepers.  Cute paper…all pattern paper with a few fun things I threw in.

This one is mainly Chatterbox along with coordinating big tags that came with a pack of chatterbox I bought back then.  I never use big tags…so I threw them in there too.  I am calling this one “chatterbox”.

This one is a bigger pack of paper.  There is some solid cardstock and some pattern paper.  Plus some stuff I threw in on top.  I am calling this one “cardstock-pattern paper mix”.

Plus…I bought a big pack of paper at Sam’s club.  It is acid free cardstock pattern paper.  And when I say big pack…it is huge.  That patterns are cute…and I have used them for craft paper for the boys and have made a couple cards out of it.  Nice heavy paper…fun to work with….there is just WAY too much of it for me and the boys to use.

Calling this “Sam’s paper” and I have a couple of them to give out.

I will send these to you or drop them by your house (if you are local!).  I don’t really want to send anywhere outside the US…with the exception of a couple Canadian friends I have from my scrapbooking board and those two get special privledges. 😉  To sign up for the give away…post a comment.  If you just want your name in for a certain paper pack(s)…let me know exactaly which ones by naming them in your comment.  And for extra fun…in your comment…tell us a special blessing you have received recently in your life.  I will be doing the drawings on Wonderful Wednesday.

I have rediscovered my paper stash and am excited to do some scrapping with the papers that I found while I was reorganizing.  I am hoping to do a weekly layout with the intentions of using up old, rediscovered great pattern paper.  Some of it I am dying to use…weird how I see some it in a totally new light!

Now back to my accounting test…thanks for helping me procrastinate re-organize my scrap space!



6 Responses to “Scrap stash give away”

  1. Wow, this is very sweet of you! I’ve recently been jonesing for plaids, and keep going to my stash for earth tones and coming up empty because I never buy them when I shop–my eyes go to brights, but I need earths sometimes. Could I ask for the plaids? What can I do for you? (I’ve got your journaling spots RAK all packaged up, but could easily add something. 🙂

  2. Nanette Says:

    What a sweet thing to be doing. 🙂 I love the colors of the patterned paper/cardstock set. Thanks so much, Holly. 🙂 I’m trying to branch out of my ‘box’ and these colors may just do that!!

  3. Sean Eyring Says:

    Me! Me! Me! Pick Me!!!!!!!! Count the Sean AND Janet in!!!! By the way, you should be a professional photographer…I love your photos on your blog! – Janet

  4. Wow, you are giving away great stuff. Love those plaids. Good for you on re-organzing!

  5. The carstock pattern looks great

  6. Thnks for your comment too :). I got many buttons with me.. Should try them out .

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