Monday Mission on a Tuesday

I think that I might as well call it a Monday mission on a Tuesday or a Tuesday mission or something…

Never do I get it posted on Mondays.  Monday are busy…work, catching up from the weekend.

My mission yesterday and today has been planting flowers and veggies.

We don’t have a space for a garden, so I use basically 3 of these for veggies.  


They are Earth boxes and they work great…they water from a bottom reservoir which cuts down on my watering during those hot, hot summer days that we get.  I think I have had mine for 3-4 years…still holding up great.  I use the large tomato cages to give the tomatoes strength. I use them to plant  my tomatoes and chili plants.  I planted an Early Girl, a Husky cherry and three chili plants in 2 of them.  I have the other one ready for 2 more tomato plants…I would like a yellow pear or two if I can find them I need to go tomorrow and see if I can find one.

I am slowly learning what plants like it here or there in my yard.  I try to stick with perennials so that at some point I won’t have to spend as much money every year and it will cut down on my work.  

Candytuft is a perennial that I am really enjoying.  


Every one of the plants I put in last year came back and is currently blooming it’s little head off.  They are the very first things to bloom…and they bloom for a long time.   They are a very nice spring and early summer treat.  Now to find some perennials that can add some color…to go along with them and my front bed will be pretty much complete.  I have these wallflowers…


which are pretty and I wish I had a few more…I haven’t seen them for sale in our little town so I will have to keep them in mind if/when I ever find them somewhere else.  They don’t add a ton of color however…so I need something more.  Still searching…which is really kinda fun.

When you are looking for things that do well in your climate and soil…one of the best places to look is in your neighborhood.  Walk around and pay attention to the side of street, shade trees, etc. that might play a part in how well, not well a plant is doing.  That is the tricky part of my front bed, it is on the east side of the house…it gets great sun in the early morning but it has a big tree near it…so it all depends on how much shade that is giving it.  We did some trimming this year so hopefully that will help some of my flowers that like more sun.  Like this perennial that is so cute and didn’t bloom much last year due to the lack of sun I guess:


Those are Gaillardia pulchella  or Indian Blanket…and they like a lot of sun….and they bloom all summer long.  They are also a pretty hardy perennial.  I will let you know if they do better this year…if not..I will move them to a very full sun spot in my yard.  A spot I worked on today and put in these:





and some lavender.

Anyway…that is what I am up to in the way of missions.  Gotta run.

Sorry…none of the pics are working.  I took some for ya…just have to download them.  Will do another post with some of my pics…you can find plenty of pics and info…just search them on google.





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