Wonderful Wednesday, Seeing StARs


Lately I have been into stars…I find so many sketches done with a big embellishment spots (and lots of scrapbookers place flowers in these spots)…even though I am not afraid to use flowers on my boys pages, I don’t do it often.  And the older they get, the less their pages warrant a flower!

So…I have been looking at lots of other embellishments ideas.  Keeping some cute stars around is helpful for me and is a fun embellishment for me to use.

So here are some cute things that are out there:

1.  Pattern paper by Fancy Pants….

I usually go for brighter so not sure I will purchase it.

2. This transparency by My Mind’s Eye.

3.  Stamps like these by Autumn Leaves:

4.  Chipboard by Technique Tuesdays…I have this and use it as a template…have been too cheap to actually use a peice of it.  Silly me.  But after seeing the price of it again…I see why!

5.  Die cuts – Am going to take a bunch of my bright cool pattern paper scraps to my local scrapbooking store and cut out some stars just to have in my stash.  I think if I choose papers that I love with bright fun colors… I would use them pretty quickly.

Here is a LO somewhat recently…I cut up Junkitz pattern paper for the stars and used a rub on for the title. 



6 Responses to “Wonderful Wednesday, Seeing StARs”

  1. Cute LO! I love your idea, I’ve done that with the shipping tag and butterflies dies at Archiver’s, and it is nice to have them around! When you know you will use something, I think it’s a great idea to stock up on it.

    I’ve recently started sorting things by shape or theme–so all my hearts are together, all my stars, all my butterflies, flowers, circles, etc. It’s helped me make a dent in my stash and it’s more related to how I create–I’ll often think, I need a heart here–not–I need something made of chipboard, etc. 🙂


  2. hollybirdy Says:

    I like your idea on how you organized your embellishments. You have to organize it in a manner that will help you use it…and for me it has surprised me what type of system does not work for me.
    I will be posting about my pattern paper some other Wednesday…because my organizing system was not working…and I had to rethink it. I am trying out a new system…so it is really too early to know for sure what is going to work. When sorting through my pp, I realized I needed a new system when I found that I had some really cool paper that I had totally forgotten about!
    I need to work on my embellishment organization at a later date…your system sounds like a it may work for me too.

  3. Thx for your comment on my post today–that color combo would be great, I think, except for the olive behind the journaling blocks–everytime I see those I want to replace them. LOL

    I’m curious to see how you re-org your pp!


  4. that layout turned out great!

  5. Nice LO, what a little cutie-pie in the pic!

    I am also constantly reorganizing and discovering fun papers and embellishments that have been lost in the stash. I don’t know if I just need a bigger space or better system…I’m thinking BIGGER space. LOL

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