Fun Friday, marbles

Mindware has this marble run out.

All three of my “boys” love it.

Here they are playing with it.

Great for creativity…as there are no directions! 🙂 


5 Responses to “Fun Friday, marbles”

  1. I have a similar one at home.. And guess what i have no kids at home. The kid inside me enjoying playing it.. 😀

  2. BeckyinMich Says:

    What fun!!

  3. I love those things!

    Hey, saw this and thought of your recent “starry-eyed” posts. 🙂

  4. Definitely a favorite around our house too (the Discovery Toys version). We spend hours building, rolling marbles down and rebuilding. My kids love the “jump ramp” piece especially!

  5. my kids loved this!! We still have it. Kept it for when Natalia’s kids come over or anyone else. And the boys play it with them!

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