Totally random on this Tuesday

  This cute, cute tote made from a pillow case…looks super easy…and to hear me say that you must know that I don’t sew much at all!  It was Martha’s craft of the day (since it is earth day)…loved it.    Here is a link to the directions they give. 

And as if these two things are at all related…

Saturday night, my hubby and I had over some fun friends and we watched UFC 83 .  I was delighted that my all time favorite fighter, Rich Franklin, pulled out a win.  I have no idea how he got out of that armbar…I have seen so few fighters sneak away from an armbar that was as “extended” like that one was.  I have no idea if I am using the right terminology…LOL!  But I was glad that Rich had his hand held up at the end denoting that he indeed won! 🙂 

I like to watch Rich because he really tries to be a good role model…and gives thanks to God at the end of his fights.  Gotta give credit where credit is due…and Rich continues to remember to do just that.  

If you check out his site, you will see that he is super sweet on his wife…and his family.  He also used to be a high school math teacherl…which I think is cool.  Anyway…wonderful to have such a good, solid role model out there. 

Here he is:

Go to fullsize image


One Response to “Totally random on this Tuesday”

  1. i have tried making the bag.. its too easy

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