Wonderful Wednesday, Stickles

I first used a stickles-like product about 5 years ago.  I took a rubber stamping class that was offered by our adult center and the instructor introduced me to “stickles.”  Very cool stuff…and back then I only knew about the clear, “diamond”…now days it comes in many colors. Stickles is basically a glue with glitter in it.  It is very versitile…and I recently purchased a few colors at my local scrapbooking store.  Now days Ranger Ink makes the real Stickles…and it runs about 2 bucks a bottle.

This video podcast gives great tips on how to use Stickles in many different ways.  And here is the link to the lady who does the video podcast, I have enjoyed several of her video podcasts…have only had time to watch a handful so far.




3 Responses to “Wonderful Wednesday, Stickles”

  1. Oh–HAPPY day…could you tell, when we made cards, how happy this stuff made me!!! Woo-Hoo for sparklie things!

  2. Thank you for sharing my podcast with others! Hugs and appreciation, Noell

  3. […] August 13, 2008 by hollybirdy Remember when I wrote about stickles last time? […]

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