Fun Friday, markers + long paper strips = creativity

In my last post, you can see that now we have a place to hang artwork, etc.  That space has always been used to do just that…now it just looks a little more organized and deliberate. 

About a year ago, the boys made these long banners and we had them up til we tired of them. 

dinoscene.jpg picture by hollybirdy

That one was a dinosaur scene and they also did a desert scene.  I can not wait for summer to start because I am going to get them busy on a an ocean scene…I will let them decide (of course) but it would be really cool to include a beach at one end and the ocean going out from there.  My oldest is totally fascinated with ocean-life right now. 

Supplies needed go something like this:  markers, crayons, long strip of paper (we have a roll of paper that came with an art kit but scotch tape and construction paper will do), stencils, stickers, free on-line coloring pages (here and here are some sites I have used).  It is usually a messy, creative process but well worth the mess.   My boys always do a little “research” when doing a project like this and they also have to be artsy so in my estimation it time/energy well spent.

dinosceneboys-1.jpg picture by hollybirdy

Oh, and since several of you wished me well on my accounting final…I am glad to report that I got an A.  I logged in last night for one last time to see that the grades were in!  I was taking the class in an effort to better understand the accounting process…and I do believe that I accomplished just that. 


5 Responses to “Fun Friday, markers + long paper strips = creativity”

  1. What fun! That’s working great! Congrats on your Accounting grade!
    love ya, mom

  2. aascifres Says:

    Way to go Holly!!!!! 🙂

  3. BeckyinMich Says:

    Fun! If you’d like even larger paper (in rolls) go to your local newspaper office & ask if you can have one of their partial rolls. The huge machines that are used to print the newspaper can’t use the paper roll when it gets down to just a few inches thick.

    The rolls are as wide as a newspaper is tall, and what they consider to be “just a little bit on a roll” is actually yards and yards and yards – it lasts f-o-r-e-v-e-r! It’s big enough that a child can lay on it & you can draw around him, then let him draw in his features, etc. (I did this when I taught kindergarten and the kids LOVED it!)

  4. hollybirdy Says:

    I may have to go by the newspaper!
    Good tip.

  5. what fun they are having. great job on the A in your class

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